Thursday, February 02, 2006

Summer jobs

I have now applied for two summer jobs. I started applying for the Exeter job last November, even though the deadline is February 15. I got all of my materials in my January 16, which was good because January 15 was my goal.

I wanted that job so bad that I dreamt about it. For four nights in a row, I dreamed that I had gotten the job. One night I dreamt that I had been assigned to Mrs. Parris's "Introduction to American Culture" class; two nights later, I dreamt that this guy was making a certificate in calligraphy with green ink for me that said I got the job and could choose between teaching with Mr. Parris and teaching with Mr. Wolfson. While I was weighing the options, I woke up. I was extremely disappointed to wake up.

I wanted that job so badly that I procrastinated on applying to other jobs until all but one of the deadlines had passed (that was the one that is rolling, with no deadline). But I sent in my application to that one today, with my transcript and recommendations to follow shortly, I hope. We shall see what happens with that.

I will find out about the Exeter job shortly after the deadline of February 15, and about the NMH job whenever my application is complete and they do their rolling review of applications.

If I don't get one of those, I guess I'll have to do something that will build my resume for grad school, like another REU or something. We'll see.

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