Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A new room

I am now living in a different room, right down the hall from where I was living before. Since I was not moving far, it didn't take long to transfer everything over. The furniture is exactly the same, so I just put everything in the same drawers and in the same places in the new room as in the old one.

There was nothing wrong with my previous room. I rather liked it. I don't need a very big room, because I don't have very much stuff. I would challenge anyone else to go to school with everything for the whole semester in a compact car with four people and someone else's entire CD collection and gigantic bag of laundry. Sure, some people fly in with just two suitcases, but those are the people who have a lot of stuff in storage. Anyway, I realized that while a tiny "rat cage" room is perfectly sufficient for my needs, I might as well have a nice big room. A big room is not necessary, but it is nice to have, and I have one now.

So, my new room. It's rather cold. It was 56 when I came in. I turned the heat on. When the wind blows outside, I can feel it, which I think means there is a storm window that isn't properly installed. I'll fix it tomorrow; it's too cold to open the window now.

I have two windows, one looking out on the odd quad and the other on the road that leads to the road Professor Morgan lives on. In fact, if there were one or two fewer trees, I could see his house from my window very easily. I don't have a view of Mount Greylock anymore, but I do have a view of Pine Cobble, which looks just about the same since it's shorter (Greylock is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts; Pine Cobble isn't) and closer. You can walk to the top of Pine Cobble and back from campus in a few hours, as Rebecca and I did once. If you go to the top of Mount Greylock from campus, it's about 25 miles round trip. Jono does it once each semester.

Anyway, I wonder how long I can keep the key to my old room without anyone bothering me about it. It would be sort of nice to have a spare room, you know? For all those spare things that don't fit in my palacious new room. And if Rebecca -- er, if someone -- visited me, I would have a guest room, and that would be wicked sweet.

I don't know what my phone number is. I am thinking of calling Security and asking them what the number is that shows on their little screen when I call them, but that would be kind of weird. I am going to call the actual phone people tomorrow and figure it out, that and voice mail.

It's funny to have exactly the same furniture in a room twice as big. The room is rather empty. I think I should get a big comfortable chair or something, though I don't know what I'd do with it (sit in it?). There's a lot more wall space, so I'll have to figure out what to do about that. Ronit has a mirror image of the same room, and I was annoyed with the vast expanses of boring white wall, so in the fall when I came to visit I made a mural for him out of construction paper. It's colorful. Personally, I think it's remarkably clever. I wanted to cover the greatest surface area for the least cost, and I ended up with a good product:

Anyway, I'll put my own pictures up from my photo class soon to decorate my walls. I didn't put them up in my old room because I was leaving so soon anyway; it seemed unnecessary.

Request: PLEASE, if you are not on the Williams network, go to the following link and look at the pictures. Peruse them all you like, but as you click on each person's name please try to notice if the pictures load slowly. My professor said the files are too large and we should save them smaller. Then he said it wasn't so bad. But bein myself on the Williams network and already having these pictures in my browswer cache about 100 times over, I can't test it myself.

Here is the page I made for my photography clas.

Let me know if it loads okay or if it loads slow. If you try it once and don't notice and then try it again, that won't work since the pictures will already be stored on your computer and won't have to download again.

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Becca said...

The pictures loaded quite quickly for me. Instantaneously, you might say. Just in case you were wondering.

And seeing as how it is already February, and I am preoccupied for every possible weekend starting in March, there is unfortunately a very low probability that I will be able to make use of your nifty guest room...