Friday, January 06, 2006

Williams-Mystic papers

WSO is back up, and most importantly, WSO fixed Ursala, so now we can upload. Yay! So I have finally uploaded my Williams-Mystic papers, which I converted to Web pages (not that it's hard) long ago. You can read them here:


I have put them in order of how interesting they would be to the average person (you). Oceanography is first because it has pictures and diagrams, which are entertaining. History is second because it has lots of quotations from primary sources, which are fascinating to read. English is third because it's much shorter than policy. Policy is last, because really, who wants to read a policy paper?


Val's mom said...

If you live near the coast of Maine, you should be aware of aquaculture practices because of its effects on the marine environment, the economy of the coastal communities and the fish that you purchse at your local supermarket. Four years ago, the farm raised salmon sold at Shaw's in Bangor came from Scotland.

Ken Thomas '93 said...

And as long as David's Blog brought me here: the paper I choose was the policy one. Fascinating stuff, as the culture and agricultural practices of... well, not only Maine and the Berkshires and the northeast, but here in the mid-South and in China and in France and Tuscany, undergoe parallel shifts, questions and challenges. Thanks for posting this.