Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Good news, Val's mom: I figured out how to use my heater, i.e., I decided that the gurgling noise is fine, because the heater is making the room warmer, and that's really all I care about. That and not starting a fire, of course.

I had a good time taking pictures today. Professor Silva showed me (via reading from the manual for my camera) how to change both the f-stop AND the exposure time, so that I have complete control over how the camera takes pictures. That's pretty neat. We're not allowed to use zoom or flash, so that we just learn how to use the camera very well in its most basic function. I also learned (on my own) how to use something called Gaussian Blur in Photoshop, which in some cases can make pictures look awesome, and which I had wanted to figure out for quite a while now. I'll put up an example when I get a good one.

I think I really like my bed being up high. That way, it's an entirely distinct part of the room. You can't just casually sit down on it to take off your shoes; it's a big decision, whether you want to sit on it or not. You have to be committed. Now let's just hope Josie doesn't fall out of bed, because it's awfully far.

Here is the quilt I made.

The squares are from T-shirts that I would not wear again, either because I wore them so much that they got too thin, or because I got them when I was five or six and have finally outgrown them, or because I bought a size M when they ran out of smalls and have only now come to accept that M is really not a workable situation.

You will notice that running T-shirts and travel T-shirts alternate in a checkerboard pattern, and that the colored blocks are nicely distributed. I am just that obsessive-compulsive.

I am going to figure out a good place to put the pictures I am taking for photography, if anyone is interested in seeing them. So if you are interested in seeing them, please leave a comment; otherwise, I just might not bother.

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I would look at the photos.