Sunday, January 08, 2006


Now there is a convenient sidebar thingy with my pictures. You can click on them and see them bigger. I'll only put up the good pictures, because I have a monthly limit.

Val's mom makes a good point, which is that (a) some people really do want to read policy because policy is important, and (b) I should put abstracts with the papers (she didn't say this, but I hereby infer it). Here are some abstracts:
Oceanography: Analysis and models of a micromarsh at Mystic Seaport
History: A study of whether the fact that sea mail was unreliable and slow in the eighteenth century led letter-writers to write differently
English: A defense of Captain MacWhirr, the main character in Typhoon by Joseph Conrad
Policy: An analysis of aquaculture on Deer Isle, Maine
Yesterday I learned what slacklining is. Anna talks about slacklining relatively often on her blog, or used to. This guy was trying to stand on this rope thingy, and I was taking pictures of him because really, it's not every day that a guy tries to stand on a rope thingy, and he told me it was called slacklining.

It's cold on the outside and warm on the inside, so my window has condensation on it. Does anyone have ideas on how to make it not get condensation, other than repeatedly wiping it off? Like if I sprayed perfume on the window, would that help? Or soap?

I realized that, to the best of my knowledge, I share a bathroom with all men. I was talking to one of them yesterday and he said, "oh, you're living in the rat cage?" I will eventually put up a picture of my room. But anyway, it's small. I'm thinking of trying to move out of it into Christine's room. The thing is, though, I don't actually need a bigger room, and this one has a way better view. I can see Mt. Greylock, a ski slope, Route 7, a church steeple, and trees. Christine has a view of a roof, and a flat roof at that.

I have a lot of work to do. None of it is schoolwork, so I'd better do it.

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