Monday, February 20, 2006

Engagement photos

Yesterday I took engagement photos for some people at Williams, a current student and her fiancé. I had never had to take high-stakes pictures like that before, but it was fun. The two of them were happy with them, at least happy with what they saw on the little LCD screen on the camera, and hopefully they'll be happy with the six-megapixel version, which is what matters.

We took six different sets, and the best one (in my opinion) of each is above. You can see them all here. They are getting married in August, and I might just be the wedding photographer. That would be interesting. And apparently they'd pay me. They paid me for this, too, which was kind of weird, because I was just taking pictures. It's not like I was painting pictures; I was just pressing the button. But I guess that takes skill, and you can judge for yourself whether I have that skill.


Dad said...

Nice pictures! You must be busy--no posting since whenever you did this. Not like Mystic when we could look forward to something interesting nearly every day. Love, Dad

Diana said...

Yes, I have been quite busy of late, and am busy now, and anticipate being busy into the future. At least you know your tuition dollars are going to good use.