Friday, February 03, 2006

The Sweater

I have this brown sweater with a griffin on the lapel and leather pads on the shoulders and elbows. It's not a great sweater, because it's brown, and it's too big for me. But there is one really awesome thing about the sweater, and this one thing makes me bring the sweater to college every semester and even wear it from time to time. And that is: Professor Morgan has the same sweater.

It is a highly amusing game for me to try to wear the sweater on the same day that Professor Morgan wears his. I have several tricks that help me to do this, but let me not digress from the point, which is: today was the first day of Applied Real Analysis class, and we were both wearing the same sweater.

The class didn't notice it at first, really. Then Professor Morgan introduced me as "this is Diana Davis, wearing that nice brown sweater, and she'll be our TA." Then they looked at my sweater, and they looked at his sweater, and they were sort of confused, and I was laughing, because I basically think that trying to wear the same sweater as Professor Morgan is the most amusing game ever.

And then they asked why we were wearing the same sweater, and I had to explain that it was simply because I think it's the most amusing game ever, not because, you know, we got them at a math conference or something. That would be the lamest party favor, a brown sweater with leather shoulder and elbow patches. But I'm just lame for fun.

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