Monday, February 13, 2006

Ice on the windows

When I open my shades for the first time in the morning, there is the most beautiful ice on the storm window. Photographing it is a mad dash in which I turn on the camera before I even pull up the shade and slide up the inner window, because the ice melts and turns to droplets so quickly.

Since I am always thinking about math, I can't help but see the tiling, and maybe even the fractals, in the ice. Check it out.

Those are all from the same window, the one facing Route 2. That's usually the only one that gets ice on it, but then this morning the other window had very different ice, the frosty snowflake crystals you usually see on windows, and with Faye in the background and such a wide variety of shapes of ice, it makes for a nice wintry feathery collegiate view.

You can see the water droplets from the tiny ice crystals already melting -- and this was the first picture I took.

Now, don't you wish these beautiful patterns greeted you in the morning? Every morning they're there, and every morning they're different. Awesome.

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