Friday, April 14, 2006

A stellar essay

By popular demand -- honestly -- I am posting my recent essay. Unfortunately, when I tried to upload it to WSO, I apparently changed all my permissions so now you get an ugly Forbidden error message when you try to go there, and I can't figure out how to fix it. This didn't happen when I uploaded things to the XC site. Weird.

So in the meantime I have posted the paper and the first two figures on my extra free space. It's not wso/~ddavis; it's not; it's not even -- no, it's That is the pinnacle of icky web space, in my opinion. There are tons of ads. It is kind of sad.

I don't know how to make hyperlinks in PDF documents, so I had to make it an html document. (If I could make it into a pdf, I would, and then there would be no ads.) Please note that (a) the figures are PDFs, so don't get all bothered when Adobe loads, and (b) I have not uploaded Figure 3, which is kind of crucial. But just imagine the curve that is added to Figure 2 to make it into Figure 3. You can do that, right? Right?

Berries and Exercise: Simply Complex
Figure 1
Figure 2

The popular demand was because I got a perfect score on this essay, minus three points for my margins being the wrong size, which I noticed too late to fix them. So it goes.

This essay shows why you might be driven to exercise more than you actually should to achieve your maximum performance. It starts with a hypothetical bird eating hypothetical berries, and ends with an example about running performance, and uses the same analysis for both, which is kind of neat. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

It would be better if you posted the essay right in blogger. Blogger will keep all of your formatting from Word or OpenOffice if you paste it in Compose mode in the Create Post page. Even footnotes and such are retained.

You should host your images on a dedicated image host like does not allow you to directly link to hosted images. If you host the image on imageshack, you can then use html to paste the image (with an img tag) directly in the middle of your essay within your blogger post. Use the "Direct link to image" URL that Imageshack will give you in order to do this.

Anonymous said...

Your figures don't work because they're posted on freeservers. You should host them on WSO or on your public folder on Achilles (