Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pictures with light are better than those without

Yesterday I took pictures at our track meet at UMass-Lowell. Many of them turned out great. They are much better than the ones from indoor track, because there is actually light outside. In order to get the indoor track pictures to be exposed the right amount -- i.e., not extremely dark -- I had to use a really long shutter speed, which made pictures blurry, and use the maximum amount of flash, which meant that if I waited a split second too long to trip the shutter and the person was too close to me, they turned out all washed out.

Outside, there is the sun, and the sun makes everything so much easier. I could take pictures with a reasonable shutter speed, like 1/640 instead of 1/80. It was awesome. I've put a few below. They don't look that good in tiny size, but they look pretty good at full size or at some reasonable size where you can actually see the pictures.

This morning my run was in three states. You can guess which ones, considering Williamstown's geography. Also, yesterday I got a sunburn, and today I threw a snowball. New England is awesome.

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