Sunday, April 09, 2006

Referral humor

I like to check the referrals to my web pages to see if anyone has linked to my pages and such (this is very rare). I also like to look at what search terms directed someone to my pages. Today's search terms were the best I have seen in the recent past.
1. My page is the second result for bowsprit netting.

2. My page is the fifth result for, of all things, home improvement television program 2006 big mama house new orleans.

3. My personal favorite: Suppose you just got a cow and you want to raise it, but you don't know how so you need a tutorial on the subject, and you'd like to find a free tutorial, if possible. You might search for cow raising tutorial free, in which case the first result would be my html tutorial. Clearly.
In other words, if you do such a search and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky," you'll be happily directed to my html tutorial, rather than a tutorial on raising a cow. Gosh, I love Google. For real.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sunday was a slow day:-) But I enjoyed your observations...especially the cows.