Monday, April 03, 2006

Picturing Katrina

It's really hard to describe the scene in Biloxi, and harder still to imagine what it looked like seven months ago. When I was looking for the address for Hurricane Camp, I came upon a Flickr album of pictures of the area. This slideshow (requires Flash) is a set of really artful pictures that focus on details of the destruction and unimaginably diverse objects that washed out of homes and businesses. This one focuses on the houses and what Hands On does inside of them. This one is simply titled "Katrina Devastation," and gives a pretty good picture of just that.

The water washed away the walls and everything inside this McDonald's...

...and yet left Ronald McDonald standing.

What houses looked like inside afterwards, and what they look like before Hands On helps out:

Imagine if that was your house, and your personal objects. It's inconceivable, and truly devastating.

A typical enough scene, though the piles of debris are smaller now:

Imagine if that was your street, and your house and those of your neighbors.

Maybe this is what Rebecca had in mind when she said, "I'd be bound to find something very interesting."

Then again, maybe not.

All credit for the above photos goes to the people in the hyperlinks above (I didn't bring a camera to Biloxi).

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