Wednesday, February 24, 2010


(Results.) The 5k I ran this weekend was quite a wasted opportunity. My goal was to run under 18 minutes, because I have done several workouts (and 3k races) that indicate I am in shape to run under 18 minutes. The particular goal was 17:55, also known as 43 seconds per lap. I went out on pace, went through the mile in 5:42 (the actual mile, as this was on Harvard's "8 laps to the mile" track), and then proceeded to decide that I didn't really want to run so fast. So I slowed down and ran slowly for the next mile. Then I kicked the last lap in 38 seconds. Nevertheless, I missed my PR by less than three seconds, indicating that if I had just tried a little harder in the second half of the race, it could have been quite good (even if not under 18 minutes). It was rather poor decision-making and I wish I could do it again differently, but I will have to wait until at least outdoor track to make amends.

On the bright side, my friend from high school came to watch the race (above)! And we had a lovely lunch at a Korean restaurant, because I had never eaten Korean food. Now I have, and I can say that it is truly tasty.

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