Wednesday, February 03, 2010

First race of 2010

We went down to BU for their open meet on January 2. My goal was to run 10:15 in the 3k, which would qualify me for New Balance Boston. All sections of the 3k are mixed gender, so I was only worried about three people in my section: Leslie Hocking (who I expected to be well ahead of me) and Renee Knapp (who I expected to be near me).

I went out behind Leslie and just behind Renee. After a few laps, she slowed down, so I passed her and led. I went through the 1600 in 5:29, just one second off of the pace. But then I slowed down. With three laps to go, Renee passed me, and I did not stay with her. I gave up the ghost and ran my last lap in about 42, for a final time of 10:22.25. I would have been really mad if Renee had broken 10:15, but she didn't; she ran 10:17. So it goes. At least it was a 10-second PR. (results)

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