Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Alden Invitational

The first track race of the indoor season! Six of my math grad student friends from the department came to watch (Jackie, Li-Mei, Tom, Matt, Jonah, Mehmet), as did my friend Melissa. And Alan, of course. And two of my calculus students were on the Brown team, so they were helping out with the meet and watching the races. Lots of spectators!

The mile went out in 37. I was in fourth, behind two Brown runners and a girl in purple. After a few laps, the Brown girls took off, and I didn't go with them. I passed the purple girl but basically ran by myself for a few laps. As I heard the bell and was coming up on one lap to go, I realized that one of the Brown girls had fallen off the pace and was within reach. I kicked hard and passed her just past the start/finish line, then kicked it for all I was worth to make sure she didn't pass me back. I ran the last lap in 36, and needn't have worried, as she finished well behind me. That was a 6-second PR for me, very exciting start to the season. (mile results)

Then I doubled back in the 1000. I had never raced the 1000 meters before, though I raced many 1000 yards in the cage at Exeter in high school. I was in the second section of three. I planned to go out in the back and then pick people off. However, it went out slower than the mile -- 38 for the first lap, of only five! So I took the lead, or maybe second place. I ended up leading a few laps, and they rang the bell for me! However, I got passed at the end and ended up second in the section. Very frustrating for it to go out so slow! I think I could have certainly run a lot faster. I ran 3:12.32, which was an automatic PR considering that I had never raced the distance before. (1000 results)

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