Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mayor's Cup, USATF-NE XC

Mayor's Cup (10/25/09) and the USATF-NE cross country championships (11/08/09) were both held at Franklin Park. The first race was a 5k, the second was 6k. Neither was a great race for me. Mayor's Cup was very muddy, which made for slow times all around.

Mayor's Cup (results): I was hoping to run fast, maybe close to the 18:26 I ran in Providence. No such luck. I went out the first mile in under six minutes, but then slowed down. I finished behind some people I would have rather beaten. However, at least there was this nice picture of me finishing:

USATF-NE XC (results): My plan was to go out with Karina (my former coach at Williams) and then see what I could do. Here I am with Karina a little after the mile mark, executing my race plan:

I pulled away from Karina around two miles, or maybe on Bear Cage Hill. I went through the 5k mark faster than I had run the muddy 5k at Mayor's Cup, so that was good. At the end, I got outkicked, which was not good, but so it goes. (Click on the picture to see the Flickr page, and then you can see her passing me.)

Looking at the results again now, I see that I finished ahead of a lot of fast people -- some of whom (Renee Knapp, Anna King) have since beaten me in indoor track.

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