Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rockin' out to Gerrard's blues

Today in psych lab we had to go into the psych computer lab to type some numbers into a spreadsheet. Professor Kirby makes his spreadsheets very very very user-friendly, so that you just have to type in a couple of values, and then the right answer pops out in a cell that is conveniently made bold and red.

My partner in this process was also a math-psych double major, so we were doubly excellent at typing values into the spreadsheet and obtaining the right answer in the red bold cell. So, we were done. What is there to do in the computer lab when you are done with your task?

You could ask the other person about herself, but I had already asked her her major, her year, where she was from, and where she was living while we waited for the computer to reboot. So naturally, I brought up iTunes. I mean, it was right there in the dock. (We were using macs.)

There isn't any music on the psych lab computers, but oh, the possibilities of shared music! Those macs are on the network of all the faculty macs on campus, so we had about 10 libraries of shared music to choose from. Naturally, I chose Professor Gerrard's library, called, if I remember correctly, Gerrard's House of Blues. I let my partner pick the song and turned up the speakers, and soon we were all rocking out to "Julia" by the Beatles.

Professor Kirby came into our little cubicle, checked out our spreadsheet, saw that we had finished, and then went over to iTunes and changed it to one full of electric guitar and bass.

This is the same professor who once drove by when Professor Cruz was meeting with students (including me) outside on the grass. He slowed down, rolled down the window, said "hey, dude," rolled up the window, and drove on.

Hey, dude. Spreadsheets are way more fun with professor-endorsed guitar solos.

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