Friday, March 17, 2006

Music for the Ode to Williams

Over the course of the last two days, I wrote music for the Ode to Williams.

I was able to typeset it all nice like that because Evan installed Lilypond as a wikimedia extension on Willipedia, and after a bit of messing around with it I was able to get it to show up right. Lilypond makes the music into a convenient .png file, which Blogger conveniently converted into the .jpg file that you see above.

Please try it out and see if you like it (click for a bigger version). I think it is quite catchy. I will have an audio version after spring break. Tell me what you think.

Edit: I had some of the notes at the end wrong. I changed them. So if you sang it this morning -- ha! how unlikely -- and thought it sounded wrong, you're right. Try it again. And note that the tune of the last line quotes from the Williams song "The Mountains".

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