Tuesday, November 27, 2012

American luxuries

Luxuries of living in the United States that I will appreciate more when I go back there:
  • Toilets that flush on the first try (without having to lift the handle up before pushing it down)
  • The option to wash your hands with warm water (rather than very hot or very cold)
  • Lamps that have a switch on the lamp itself
  • Eating dinner without worrying that you're wearing the wrong thing
  • Milk that is still liquid the day after the date printed on the label
  • More than 8 hours of daylight per day
  • Pedestrians often have the right of way
  • The ability to buy life essentials (food, transportation) without depleting one's life savings
  • University buildings that you can walk into without needing to prove your identity
  • Roads that are wide enough for two cars to drive on without one driving up on the sidewalk
  • Air that is largely free of cigarette smoke, even in crowded areas
  • Public parks that are illuminated, rather than locked, at night
  • Being able to understand people even when they mumble
  • Internet access even when it's raining
Well, you get the idea. Living in England is more different than living in "the States" than I expected. There are many wonderful things about it, and several annoyances.

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