Sunday, December 02, 2012

Frequent purchases

As a reward for scanning my customer-loyalty card, Tesco has sent me some coupons to "help you save on the things you buy most often." Once I figured out what the best things were to buy, I basically bought the same things every time I went shopping.

Of the 10 things for which they sent me coupons, 7 are things I frequently bought and 3 are things I rarely or never bought (depending on how you define the category).

  • whole melon
  • continental pre-packaged cheese
  • biscuits
  • fresh salad
  • bananas
  • jams or preserves
  • fresh potatoes
  • home baking products
  • breakfast cereal
  • bread
It can be a fun game to guess which are the 7 and which are the 3. 

As a bit of a cultural lesson for you, "home baking" is the way British people say "baking." Oh, and "biscuits" means "cookies."

And isn't "fresh salad" redundant?


Ronit said...

whole melon
continental pre-packaged cheese
fresh salad
breakfast cereal
jams or preserves

didn't buy or bought seldom:
home baking products
fresh potatoes

Alan said...

5 years and counting....

I'm going to guess fresh salad, breakfast cereal, and jams/preserves.

Ronit said...

9 years, actually.

Diana said...

2/3 Well done.

(I did eat fresh salad.)