Thursday, November 01, 2012

A dictionary for talking to British runners

Here is a quick guide, in case you happen upon some British runners and wish to make yourself understood, or wish to understand what they are saying to you.

American: My goal is just to finish.
British: My aim is just to get 'round.

American: The course is hilly, with a muddy part.
British: The course is undulating, with a boggy bit.

American: Wear your team singlet.
British: Wear your club vest.

American: Good job!
British: Well done!

American: How did you do?
British: How did you get on?

American: I was fifth.
British: I came fifth.

American: That race sucked.
British: That race was rubbish.

American: There's a workout on Tuesday.
British: There's a session on Tuesday.

American: They gave me lots of running clothes.
British: They gave me loads of kit.

American: Race against Cambridge
British: Take on the dirty Tabs.

Merely so that others will understand what I am saying, I now talk like this as best I can. I will try to change back when I return to the U.S., or else I'll be both trendy and annoying.

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