Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Beware of the Snow Plow.

This morning, I got hit by a snow plow.

It was not a very big snow plow -- it was one of those little orange ones they use to clear the sidewalks -- but it hit me nonetheless.

When I left my dorm, I found myself upon a two-inch layer of snow that no step had trodden black. This was fine, but when the snow plow came along, I figured I'd walk along behind it so that I would be walking on something plowed. I was walking rather close to the plow, because it was driving slowly and I was late.

Then all of a sudden, as I was walking behind it, the snowplow went into full-speed reverse! I shrieked and grabbed onto the back of the vehicle and ran backwards to avoid getting driven over, leapt into the snowbank as soon as I could, and ran away through the deep snow in the middle of the quad. The snowplow operator called after me, but I shouted that I was fine and kept running.

I was not very much hurt at all; the back of the snowplow slammed into my knees, but otherwise there was no lasting damage. However, when I took the container of yogurt out of my jacket pocket, I found that it was quite smashed.

Let this be a lesson: NEVER follow a vehicle that doesn't know you're there, even if it doesn't have a "do not follow" sign on the back of it. I was lucky.

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Anonymous said...

i'm worried about you for having to face so much excitement in the everyday. maybe you should take a day off, stay inside... although toasters can be dangerous, too.