Friday, February 04, 2005

Free U HTML course: Final products

Over Winter Study, I taught a course on how to make a Web page. Now the course is over, and several of my students actually stuck it out to the end and made actual, functional Web pages. Here they are:

Jerry He '08
Delwar Hossain
Maksym Kepskyy
Lily Li '08
Irina Zhecheva '08

Some of these clearly show signs of the entertaining examples I used in class (the bright backgrounds, the cow...). But I think that they are really nice sites, and I hope that these students will continue to update them in the future.

Maksym (who spells his name many different ways) plans to make his site into an extreme sports page, so that people will come and read about different sports, and watch 10-second videos of them, and read short statements from people who do the sports about why they like them. He hopes that people will then decide to try out these sports on their own. He already has a sound introduction (in his native language) and a video on the site, which are very worth checking out.

Did anyone notice that no one called Smith or Johnson stuck it out to the end? Hmmmm. I had 19 students (over half were CDE students) for the first class. They all created nice pages, and then only five came back the next week to learn how to put them on the Internet. Hmmmmmmmm.

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