Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A picture of my colloquium

Thanks to the requests of Becca and Brent, and the photography of Sunmi, I here present you with a picture of my colloquium, all on one chalkboard. You should be able to get the gist, but I could write out an explanation for the parts I am covering, the parts that are hard to read at the end, and the parts I said aloud. If you click on the image, you can see Blogger's lame "large" version. However, I have hosted the original size version where you can read the writing on WSO.


Brent said...

cool, thanks! I can't say that I read it in GREAT detail but I definitely get the general ideas.

Anonymous said...

I looked at all the boards in the large version...and didn't understand a bit of it but I am impressed. I'm glad you are smart, work hard, and are great at this! We are so proud of you.
Love, Mommy