Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Classes for the fall

In addition to my thesis, here are the courses I am thinking of taking:

American Landscape History
Economic Development in Poor Countries*
Mathematical Modeling and Control Theory
Violence, Militancy, and Collective Recovery*

I have to choose between the two with asterisks, since I will only be taking one of them. Which should I choose? Opine freely, please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
After reading both course descriptions, Daddy and I both think the Economic Development one might be more interesting. I think the other one's focus on violence is more narrow. I think looking at the solutions to the world's poverty would be very just might get to help with that.
So that's our take. Let us know what you decide.
Mommy and Daddy

yahia said...

Well well, I believe the Economic Dev. would be better an more interesting.

Ps: I live in a poor N-african country, So? :D