Monday, May 08, 2006

Psychotherapy paper

I am posting my psychotherapy paper, which is a proposal for a research study.

Here is the paper, and then here are Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, and Figure 4.

The paper is an html document; the figures are pdfs. They are tiny pdfs, so they will take no time flat to load. This is because they are just curves on a blank white background. But they are awesome curves. I made them with Mathematica. And I made them such that I could change one thing, and all four figures would adjust accordingly, and turn into pdfs with the touch of a button. It was awesome. You should really check out those curves.

This study proposes to develop a new therapy for alcoholics, and compares it to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) treatment and existing pharmacotherapy using naltrexone. The new treatment is built around the theory of “rational addiction,” in which the alcoholic is not presumed to be under the alcohol’s control, but is rather presumed to be making a rational choice to drink alcohol. In our experimental condition, we will explain the theory to clients and then help them to make changes so that their rational choice will be to decrease their drinking to a sub-pathological level.
So essentially what that means is that I took something I learned in my Decision Theory class, and made it into a study in my Psychotherapy: Theory and Research class.

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