Wednesday, May 10, 2006

End of track

Today we had the "Slow Boy Invite," which is when everyone whose season was over -- females included -- could race if they wanted to. There was a 5k, but if you wanted to run a different distance, you just ran that distance and then stopped when you were done. So I ran the mile. I was the only one running the mile, but two people ran the two-mile, so there you go.

I ran the mile in 6:03. I was relatively pleased with that. It's 15 seconds faster than what I ran last summer, if I remember correctly, and I only got five hours of sleep last night and six or so for the past few, so I was not running at full capacity. My pacing was not so good - 91, 91, 95, 86 -- but eh, I guess that's all right.

We had our awards ceremony afterwards and I got the Mystical Reappearance award. Ha, ha. I get it.

Inspired by my success with a really close-up picture of the right side of Brian's face that I took a few days ago, I took a bunch of close-up pictures of people on the track team. You can see them from the flickr link on the left, and a few below. A bunch of them turned out rather well. I was pleased. I stay 10-15 feet away from the person and zoom in, so that they don't know I'm taking the picture and are thereby not posing or feeling awkward. It works rather well, except when people move and go partially out of the camera frame, which can happen when you're zoomed in that far.

I intend to take some excellent photographs this weekend. Prepare yourself.


Val's Mom said...

Congratulations on your Award!

Since I use IE, I keep getting an annoying "use firefox" ad.

I had to stop reading your blog a few months back; it took too much of my mental capacity. But I have a little extra tonight I guess.

Diana said...

Yes, that is because you should use Firefox. I put that thing -- which is not really an ad, but something I put there to tell people they should use Firefox -- because IE is really, really bad.

I was too tired of running a program every day to rid my computer of spyware and having it find new spyware every day, when I was using IE. When I switched to Firefox, that no longer happened. My parents had to get their hard drive completely erased and reformatted because the computer was running slower and slower all the time, and after that, they are using Firefox and have had no more problems.

The reason that "ad" is up is because IE is really bad. That's the bottom line. If it annoys you, remember that it's way less annoying than all that spyware, and if you switch, it won't show anymore!

Sorry to be so pushy about the whole thing.

Thanks for the congratulations. I'm glad you have extra mental capacity and whatnot.