Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This is a nicer poem. I wrote it.

Some people procrastinate on the Internet.
I procrastinate by writing rhyming poetry.
Inspired by 'Twas the night before finals:

Twas the night after finals

'Twas the night after finals
And all through the college
The students had purged
All their last-minute knowledge.

All the papers and tests
Wait for profs, to be read
And a term full of knowledge
Drains out of my head.

The bar down on Spring Street
A prime place for drinking,
As students rejoice:
A whole month without thinking!

And back in the dorm
I am free from the pacing
Of my brilliant suitemate
When his mind is racing.

Now his eyes are wide open;
Great joy frames his looks
As he cries out in joy:
"A whole month to read books!"

No more late-night coffee
That never stays hot;
Now I can sleep soundly,
And also a lot!

I'll burn all my notes;
I'll forget how to study,
'Cause now 'tis the season
To sing with a buddy.

Away from this cold place
Where the wind makes me shiver;
And back home to the hearth
With some gifts to deliver!

This month shall remind me
That life's not that cruel
And I might just survive
Despite bad grades in school.

And finals are over!
So swallow your pride,
And look for a chimney
With Santa inside!

Perhaps you'll be lucky
And find such a fellow
With a nose like a cherry
And a tummy of jello.

And if you do, well then --
What was all the fuss?
Who says that the teachers
Know more life than us?

If Santa exists,
Then who needs exams?
Just ask for a good grade
And while everyone crams,

You can be smug
'Cause your answers are right
And besides, you'll know Santa
Does come in the night.

Composed and copyrighted by Diana Davis
approximately half an hour ago.

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