Thursday, December 09, 2004

Diana's Running [B]log

Please note this lovely addition, which you can see in a convenient link on the sidebar. I am currently training for a spring marathon, and intend to post my training progress there. This will be my third marathon, as my first were Boston (2003, 3:38) and Vermont City (2004, 4:19). I hope to be able to train significantly more this year than I was able to last year. Today, for instance, I ran nine miles.

I am generally following a training schedule that appears in Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger, which I received as a "gag gift" from Megan at the cross country banquet. I only wish I had some way of measuring the distance of my runs, but someday I may have a vehicle and will thereby be able to ascertain, after the fact, how fast I have done these runs. Check it out!

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