Monday, June 04, 2012

Hot and slow (5k at NBB Twilight #1)

(Results) May 12, 2012
There isn't much good to say about this race. Let's summarize the negatives:

Bad performance: I ran 17:35, about three seconds per lap slower than I'd wanted to run. I didn't break 17:00, and I wasn't even close!

Bad tactics: I dropped back from the leaders' pace in the third lap and wasn't able to catch back up, and then fell increasingly far behind.

Bad weather: Sunny and humid.

However, my most important race of the year (the 10k at Twilight Meet #2) was just one week after the 5k, so I had to find something positive to take away from it.

Not so bad performance: In the rarefied world of elite women's distance running, 17:35 is slow, but in the wider world, it's actually kind of fast. I can imagine a time not so far in the future where I will be thrilled to run 17:35. In fact, in view of the upcoming 10k, if I could just run 17:35 twice in a row without stopping, it wouldn't be bad at all!

No mental energy wasted: The leaders ended up basically running my 5k PR, which I ran on a cool night at a big meet with lots of company. For me to run the same time at this race in the sun and heat would have taken a supreme amount of mental toughness. Last year, I ran a 10k road race that required a supreme mental effort, and I didn't run well for the rest of the season. This year, I saved my mental energy for next week's 10k, which will hopefully have better conditions than the 5k.

Easy recovery: Another benefit of not running very fast is that it wasn't a very big strain on my body. Running a hard 5k and a hard 10k just one week apart is not advisable. Unfortunately, I didn't run well in the 5k, but fortunately, I won't have to recover from the 5k before taking on the 10k!

Spectators: My parents and Alan were all on hand to witness this race. My parents said that 12.5 times around sure was a lot. Well, I made it look pretty long.

Here is the race video.

Watch more video of 2012 New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #1 on

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