Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not enough homework

Some of the students finished their homework before the end of the afternoon period today, so I think we need to give them more homework. They are just so advanced. Well, sort of.

Today I got to do more teaching, because I decided to actually organize the class by presenting solutions on the board at one time, and having the students work quietly on their homework at a different time, because it didn't work very well when I was trying to have one student show how to solve a problem on the board while the other students were working on their homework and not paying attention. It worked better today. I have decided that at this point I will have students come up to the board and work through problems just with me, and then later I will have them present their solutions to the class. It was a bit too early to try to get them to present to their classmates, and to get their classmates to listen, on the first day.

I realized recently how much free time we have here -- unless we have duty, we have all of Wednesday afternoon free, and Saturday afternoon and almost all of Sunday. So I could go somewhere even if it wasn't my weekend off. For example, I could up and decide to go to Williamstown, you know, tomorrow. So that's what I did, actually. The current plan is for me and another Williams student to go to Willytown tomorrow, just because we can, and also because we have both run out of cash and need free ATM. Clearly. And also because they have The Night Cafe' at the Clark right now, and really, how could I not see it when it's right there? So I had better see it when it is right there. Probably everyone I know at Williams will be busy watching the World Cup when I am there and won't want to talk to me, but I will just go over to the Clark and look at the excellent paintings and that will be okay.

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