Saturday, April 02, 2005

HTML tutorial

The Internet boasts a wide variety of HTML tutorials, but none are quite good enough. So I wrote my own. I believe that this guide, unlike all the others, concisely and effectively guides the reader from knowing nothing about HTML to having a complete Web page with just about everything anyone would want to have on it. This tutorial grew out of the HTML class I taught through Free U over Winter study.

Here it is.
And here is a mirror for all the times (such as right now) when WSO student Web pages are down.



Anonymous said...

ooh i'm excited! i've always wanted to learn html, and although right now (in panama) might not be the ideal time to learn (since we're always hunting down monkeys and the like, and besides which i should enjoy panama while i'm here and learn html while i'm at home, which is much more frequent), i can't wait to read your guide this summer. a meghan prin web site to follow perhaps? hopefully! good luck with all the running :) --meghan

Daniel Noronha said...

Not a bad start. See this for the next step :)